• New Installations
  • New Overlayments

On a new installation, we begin by site preparation which includes the design and placement of your new driveway.  Grading is next where we slope the area for proper water drainage, adding quarry process stone base as the first layer.  Then a final grade is done and compacted by rolling.  This ensures a solid foundation for the two to three inches of hot F.A.B.C asphalt mix, which after compressing results in a 2 1/2″ finish.

On asphalt overlayments, we clean dirt and debris from existing asphalt, repair webbed areas if the old driveway is salvageable, and apply tack oil for bonding, and then apply 2 to 2 1/2″ in. hot asphalt mix.  If the old driveway has to be removed, then the procedure is the same as a new driveway.